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Tournament of knights is an outdoor game combining different aspects into a new experience.
In the game you go head to head and try to get the other team’s queen before they fell yours. You do this by getting balls into the triangular areas on the playfield, giving you a chance to hit the knights and – when those are down – the queen.
This game also have some aspects of sabotage and other rules that makes for a game where a lot can happen suddenly.

This is the perfect game for people that have tried most other things on the market and are looking for a new challenge.

Material: Rubber Wood

– 2 queens
– 4 knights (2 black and 2 red)
– 12 balls (6 black and 6 red)
– 9 flags
– 3 strings (2 black and 1 red)
– 1 cotton bag
– Multi-lingual rulebook and instructions

How to play, in swedish: