Bex sport is the company behind six well known brand names, Bex – Wooden games, Sunsport – Garden games, Snowzone – Snow products, Gamesson – Table games, Murena – Water leisure Equipment, and Cartdart – Dart.

For over 30 years Bex sport has designed, developed and marketed both in- and outdoor games for all ages. Our brands have grown over the years and we are now represented worldwide.

Bex sport has developed a code of conduct which is based on the UN´s Global compact. All of Bex sports items are produced in factories that have signed our CSR contract. Bex sport works closely together with the factories and visit them many times every year. Each and every part of our range is made from the most environmentally friendly material and components available.



Our head office is located in Höganäs, a town in the southern part of Sweden.

We are also represented in other parts of the world. For information about distributors and retailers please contact us at info@bexsport.com


Bex Sport main achievement is to work for Sustainable Production and to be Eco-friendly.

We work to minimize the use of natural resources, with the intention not to jeopardize the needs of future generations. Our main goal is that our products and packaging should be designed to be safe and ecologically. Wastes by-products should be reduced, eliminated or recycled and that the communities around workplaces are humanitarian respected.

Our intention is to take part of the global environment evolution. Some concrete examples are that we use plantation grown timber, replenishable wood and we are ongoing refining the development of our recyclable packaging.

We believe if production is sustainable, then the environment, employees, communities, and organizations—all benefit.