Rounders Family Pine wood

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This set works for Rounders, Swedish Brännboll and other games of similar style.
In the game two teams take turns being the batting team and the field team. The batting team need to hit the ball and run around the bases to score. The field team need try to ‘out’ the batters to prevent them from scoring.

Flat bat:60×5.5×1.5 cm
Round bat:64.5×4.0 cm
Home base:23x12x1.1 cm
Corner marks: Ø3 mm (4 pcs)
Ball: Ø 7 cm

Includes a black net bag for carrying and storage.

This Rounders set is made of FSC® certified wood (FSC C171450). By choosing products with the FSC label, you help take care of the world’s forests.


   68x7x15.2 cm