Complete Dartset Kings Head

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Everything needed for a fun time. Keep score on the whiteboard located on the inside of the cabinet. For variation one can turn the board around and use it as a target game instead.

Size board: Ø 45,7 cm x 2,5cm
Size cabinet: 62,5 x 50 x 9,5 cm
Size carton: 65,5 x 51,5 x 10 cm
Weight: 9kg

Including: – 1 cabinet – 1 paper coil dartboard with target game on reverse side – 6 brass darts á 18gr, removable shafts and flights – 2 white board pens – 1 duster
Exposure in a full colour carton.

Instrukcja w języku polskim: Zasady ogólne i turniejowe DART