Croquet Family Pine wood 4-players

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Croquet is a fun outdoor game that requires some skill with a mallet. The goal is to get your ball through all the hoops in different ways and hit the target stick – all while your components can choose to hit your ball away to give themselves the advantage.

Mallet: 15.5×5.5 cm(4pcs)
Handle: 75×2 cm(4pcs)
Target stick: 39.5×2 cm(2pcs)
Ball: 7.5 cm(4pcs)
Hoops: 17×27 cm (10pcs)

This croquet set is made of FSC® certified wood (FSC C171450). By choosing products with the FSC label, you help take care of the world’s forests.


   77.5x8.5x12.7 cm