Not all Kubb are created equal. That is why some Kubb sets only lasts a season, while others last a lifetime. Here are some identifiers, as well as the reason we choose these materials ourselves.

Original and PRO: Plantation grown rubber wood

Our Kubb-sets in the Original and Professional lines are made of rubber wood – an extra hard and durable wood with high density that makes it less sensitive to water and splintering. All our rubberwood is exclusively plantation grown, where the rubber trees are first used for rubber extraction. The trees mature for 20 – 30 years before they are fully grown and the rubber can be extracted. When they become too old for rubber the tree is cut down to make room for a new tree. The resulting wood is smooth and sturdy – perfect for a Kubb set of quality and durability.

Family: Slow-grown birch wood

For our Family line of Kubb sets we use Birch wood. Birch is a naturally faster growing tree than Rubber trees, but it is still of great quality if allowed to be fully grown. You can tell the difference by color or weight of the wood. For reference there are other birch sets in the same size that can be a kilo, or more, lighter. That is great when you carry it, but it will effect durability, splintering, how the pieces stand on the ground and overall gameplay.

How the wood determines quality and lasting capability of your Kubb set

Wood quality is determined by the type of wood, as well as how fast the wood was grown before being cut down for production.

Higher end wood types are more resistant to splintering, water damage, and stand firmer on unstable ground due to its increased weight. They cost more, but last several seasons longer. A middle ground that is commonly used is Birch, which is harder than the soft pine. The birchwood can be grown fast and slow, the fast version results in an almost white colored wood. Aged birchwood is slightly beige in color.

Who are we?

Bex popularised the game Kubb in Sweden in the 90’s, and the resulting boost in sales made the game of Kubb spread to beyond the Swedish borders. The game itself is not our own invention, but we do take pride in knowing how to manufacture high quality kubb that last for a long time and many games.

Kubb is not all we do. We have several wooden based games, as well as our other brands for other types of games and activities.