SUNSPORT releases a new range in Royal Blue

Rebound Trainer

Sun sport Rebound trainerRebound Trainer This great rebounder includes ground pegs. The net is strong and You can adjust the angle.

Size: 100x100cm


Sun sport Goal



Goals in 2 dimensions

You can buy our new goals in 2 different dimension, 2 or 3 meters. The net is assembled by a strong go-through net. The poles are in high quality steel 38mm in diameter.

The package includes a target for you to practice the perfect shot on. It also comes in a strong bag to use for storage.

Sizes: 300x180x90cm and 200x140x80cm

Street Goal

Sunsport Street goal 

A smaller goal for your street hockey play or floor ball game. Includes a go through net. You can add a extra value by buying a target.

Size 80x45x50cm  


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